“We wanted to open a large patio area that required some construction.  Reliant provided that location with two rounds of financing, one to help with permits, taxes and licensing and another to finance the build out.  Our sales are up over 80% due to the extra seating and we have subsequently used Reliant to help finance our expansion.”

Robert R. – Café Med

“I was looking to expand my business but was unable to get money from my bank without signing my life away. I had a large opportunity and an even bigger decision to make. I ended up getting the money from Reliant, they gave me $100,000 more than the bank offered me with more flexible terms. It served its purpose and my business is better because of it. I would recommend the team there, they are responsive, professional and understand how business works.”

Robin G. – GKB Framing

“I first worked with Matt at Reliant when we needed money for a large catering job. We had to pay for the food, staff, tables and chairs prior to getting paid by our client. I never could have taken the job without their help and my business made a great return using their money. Matt was very helpful, I would recommend them to anyone in need of money for their business.”

Ozzie Martinez – Wizard of Oz Catering

“Our pizza oven broke on a Sunday night. What is a pizzeria without an oven? Nothing. Reliant provided us with funds by Thursday afternoon and I was open by Friday night for the weekend. They saved my ass.”

Brian F. – Desert Ovens Pizzeria

“I got hit with a few things I wanted to do all at once but was delaying the expenses as long as I could. I got a mailer from Reliant, called in with VERY low expectations and was blown away. The guy I worked with, Paul, was great. Really knew his stuff and took the time to learn about my business. Didn’t rush me. I tested them with a small infusion and bought a compressor. Then I took more and bought the lift I needed. They are my “go to” for money from now on. Paul was great to work with and second to me, nobody knows my business better.”

David G. – Dave & Jerry’s Auto

“We needed to pay a tax bill in order to obtain some permits with the city. Reliant gave us the money to pay that bill and then we received more money to build out a larger bar and waiting area. It is awesome to use somebody else’s money for a change, especially when I didn’t have to guarantee the money with any of my personal assets. Where was this 5 years ago when I was starting the business?”

Demitri M. – Hoffman’s Grill

“I wanted to update the waiting room and restroom for my dental practice. The landlord wasn’t very helpful and even though I have good credit the bank wouldn’t give me what was needed due to my medical school loans and the prior loans I incurred in buying the equipment for my office. Reliant provided everything I needed and worked on my timeline. I didn’t need the money right away and they didn’t play games pushing me to take it which I liked. I would definitely recommend them to other businesses looking for money.”

Dental Practice in San Diego, CA