While Reliant is proud to serve businesses at every stage of their growth, we realize there are some businesses that are stronger and more established than others. Those stronger businesses deserve a product with more favorable terms. Reliant Services Group is pleased to offer its Premium Program to the owners of businesses that are proven. A business with a track record and proven sales cycles may qualify for the Reliant Premium Program. This program is available for all of our financing products. The Reliant Premium Program often offers businesses larger funding amounts, longer terms, lower cost of capital and more flexibility. We believe that all businesses will need funding and work hard to ensure that our programs present fair, responsible offers. Owners should take solace in knowing that the stronger your business, the better your offer from Reliant. We strive to provide options that will work for you. After all, if the offers we provide do not work for you, they will not work for us either.

Reliant’s Premium Program can be used for ANY need:

  • Drive more business with Advertising and Marketing.
  • Purchase Inventory
  • Business improvements or investments.
  • Repairs to equipment or facility.
  • Pay off outstanding debts, taxes or buyout a partner.
  • Renovation, Expansion, Franchise Required Improvements.
  • Cash Flow, Working Capital, Emergency Funds, etc.

With our Premium Program, Reliant can provide as little as $20,000 or as much as $300,000.00 per location and may deliver this money in few as 3 business days.

How it works:

Reliant Services Group specializes in fast low-documentation financing. The Reliant Services Group process is very straightforward and the process for the Premium Program is very similar to our other programs. The only difference is the criteria we apply for approvals. Apply with us using the method of your choice: Phone, Online or via Fax, email or traditional mail. Within 24 hours of receipt your National Account Executive will contact you to discuss the options available to you. Once approved, funding is only a few days away.

The money we provide can be used for anything you see fit. We are like the ultimate business partner. Reliant provides the money, gets repaid as you make sales and has no ownership and no say in how you use the money or run your business.

Do you qualify?

Reliant’s Premium Program is a phenomenal alternative to traditional financing. We will work to provide the most competitive rates and terms. In order to find out how much you qualify for CALL NOW or click here to apply in as little as 3 minutes. Within 24 hours of your application we will contact you with funding solutions.

You may qualify if you meet the following criteria:

  • In business for at least 2 years
  • Strong Credit (650 or higher FICO)
  • Strong Bank Statements (No Overdrafts or Insufficient Funds)
  • No Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Etc.

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